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Eat dessert first.

Books Review. Episode 10.

Robert Harris. Pompeii. 7/10. Ancient blockbuster: the coastal cities in ancient Rome started losing water supplied via aqueducts. Moreover, the old aquarius suddenly disappears. Rome sends a young and promising... Read more »

Read and Watched. Episode 9.

I know, it is been a while since the last episode, but I’ve been extremely busy for the last couple of months and didn’t have much time to read and... Read more »

Deus Ex Scenarios.

One of my favorite games ever is Deus Ex(2000). There is an old joke on the internet: “every time you mention Deus Ex, someone will reinstall it.” I am not... Read more »

Read and Watched. Episode 8.

I’ve been writing here in Russian, but recently I’ve decided to switch to English because of my friends, who don’t speak Russian. Also, my Russian and English equally suck, so... Read more »

Прочитано и Просмотрено. Выпуск 7.

Немного запоздалый выпуск, но что-то слишком много всего навалилось в последнее время, и время написать этот пост появилось только сейчас. Итак, начнём! Прочитано Жозе Сарамаго. Слепота. 3/10. В безымянном городке... Read more »